I’ve been working on revisions to my current middle grade novel while I’m plotting a new novel. Right now, I’m thinking about the setting and where the new story takes place. Which brings me to today’s writing prompt.

Let’s talk about setting.

When we write stories, they have to take place somewhere, right? Think about your story’s setting. Where does your story take place? In a town? A city? A forest? Somewhere fantastical? How well do you know that town or setting? Could you write a visitor’s guidebook for it? Well, that’s what we are going to do today.

In order for our stories to feel real and believable, everything about them needs to feel real and believable. Yes, even if that world is fictitious. For today’s prompt, I want you to write a visitor’s guide for your story’s setting. What is the name of the town your characters live in? If they don’t live in a town, what does your character call the area where they live?

Where do your characters get food? A grocery store? What’s the name of it? What are local features? Can you draw a map of what it might look like and do you know where all of the key landmarks are? This will help you as your characters navigate through the story. Unless it’s the Hogwarts’ staircase (or they have some other kind of magical property), your landmarks shouldn’t move.

Sped time taking notes as you walk your imagination through the setting of your story. Flesh out as much of it as possible. Put yourself in your character’s shoes. Where would they visit? What’s their favorite diner? Think about these details. Soon, you’ll have a fully fleshed out setting.

Be well and happy writing!

Photo by Boston Public Library on Unsplash

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