For tonight’s writing prompt, I want you take a few moments and think about your future. Don’t write yet, just think. What does your future look like to you? What career do you want to have? What college or trade school do you want to attend? Do you buy that Dalmatian you’ve always wanted? Are you a pilot or welder?

Now that you’ve thought about what you want your life to look like, I want you to write about it. In a perfect world, what will your future hold?

I once heard an author say it’s okay to dream because dreaming is free. It doesn’t cost anything to envision your dreams, but it’s not just that dreaming is free. Dreaming also leads to planning and planning leads to action.

When we think about our future and what we want from it, we start to think about ways to make it happen. That’s what I want you to do tonight. Write about your future plans and then write how you’ll make them happen.

Happy writing!

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplashfeatu

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